25 October 2017

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Ardclinis Adventure

We have been around a long time and where first established in 1990.We are the first privately owned outdoor provider in Northern Ireland and proud of it. Founders Anne and Dave Bowen pioneered the idea in the beautiful village of Cushendall drawing on their many years of experience gained in the Lake District, Europe and the Himalayas.

Open: April 19th, 20th and 21st. 3rd, 4th and 5th May. 24th, 25th and 26th May. 28th June – 31st August. (closed 25th and 26th August….Lammas Fair)

Opening times: 11.00am – 5.30pm Daily

Admission to the farm: £3.00 Adults – £2.00 Children – £2.00 Senior Citizens

Trails at Glenariff Forest Park

Watertop Farm has grown into an activity based attraction, as opposed to the traditional zoo-like open farms. We have a range of activities on the farm, all of which can be seen below


Not only is this activity great fun and highly addictive, it’s achievable by everyone. This truly is a sport for all.

Crate Climbing

Using your team, the aim of the game is to build a crate stack as high as you can without it toppling over. Sound simple? As part of the challenge you will require one member of your team to be balancing on the top of the construction as you go. The climber will be harnessed and members of the group will help control the safety of the climber.

Low Ropes Course

Our Low Ropes course is an element by element based obstacle course. We challenge each team to try and complete the course in the best time while transporting and bucket of water. It’s a great team building task.

Mobile Climbing Wall

Our 9 meter climbing wall is fitted with 4 climbing routes and works on an auto belay system. This means all 4 sides are fully in use at all times. Challenge yourself physically and mentally or use it as a draw for a local event. This activity is always a great hit.


Think of orienteering but replace the map with a GPS instead. There are two successful events we run using our GPS’s. One is to have a straight forward race around a set number of points and record having successfully found the marker at each point. The fastest team to find all the markers are the winners. We find the introduction of technology encourages even the laziest of people to put some effort in.

The other option is to have us put together a GPS based treasure hunt in your chosen area. Our team will put together a series of hidden caches and real world puzzles that need to be solved in order to find the treasure container.


Orienteering is a competitive sport were small teams are tested on map reading, decision making and team work. There are a number of variations to the activity and we have been developing a number of electronic versions.

Outdoor Laser Tag

The best way to describe this activity is paint ball without the paint, or the pain for that matter. It’s good clean fun and everyone loves this activity. All Laser guns have unlimited ammo so there isn’t any hidden extra cost.

Each weapon is fitted with a genuine red dot sight and has a range of up to 400 meters. Each tagger has its own unique name and records which opponent has hit you during the game.

Rock Climbing

To put it simply it’s all about climbing rocks. Climbing is a great way to test yourself physically and mentally. It is also very good for balance and core strengthening. Our staff will choose a number of routes to suit your ability and guide you through the climbing process.

You will have the opportunity to learn the basic rope skills of rock climbing and belay (hold the rope) for your friends. If just climbing isn’t enough for you there is always an abseil (from the top down) to try at the end. Our staff have a passion for climbing and their enthusiasm is infectious.

Team Games

This is a series of energisers and problem solving exercises designed to promote team work and break down barriers within a group. We try to make them light hearted and fun but always encourage friendly competition.

Yoga and Walking

Gently kick-start your system with a combination of Yoga and walking situated in the village of Cushendall. Stay in a beautiful Georgian house with all meals included except dinner on Saturday night. All local amenities less than a few 100 meters away. We have limited the number of staying guests to 8. These places can go fast so if your are interested or missed out on the last one please contact us ASAP.

Zip Line

Our zip line could be described as a short sharp shock. Climb the steps and cross the rope bridge before launching yourself off the 10 meter high platform. This is a great buzz activity with a big personal challenge element.

Canoe Trips

Taking in one of Northern Ireland’s canoe trails is a fantastic way to unwind and see a new world from the river. Things always look different from a boat and the banks of our rivers are full of wildlife. Choose a short half-day trip or an overnight camp. We can even arrange your stay in a fantastic guest house. Canoes can be ‘rafted’ together for added security.


Coasteering is one of the best water activities around. You don’t require any special skills, other than swimming and in some cases not even that. Feel the freedom and the challenge as you interact with the outstanding beauty of the North Coast. For adults and teenagers, a high adrenalin, highly adventurous activity that includes sections of traversing around sea cliffs close to the water as well as short swims, big swims and lots of jumps from the cliffs into the sea. Jumps can be from as low as one foot up to 20 feet! You just pick the height to jump from according to how confident you feel.

Sunset Coasteering

Our Sunset event takes a route along the coast either finishing at or starting from Dunluce Castle. Not for the faint hearted or the weak swimmers, this event contains adventurous swims, jumps and caves on one of the wildest sea cliffs the North Coast has offer.


Kayaking requires very little introduction to most. It’s best described as the single person ‘canoe’ and is a wet activity. It’s great fun for young or old. During your session with us you will learn the basics of safety and control through a combination of instruction and games. We have a number of level 3 coaches on our team so we can run skills courses for those interested.

Raft Building

Well as you can imagine your team will need to build a raft from the materials provided and transport yourself around a set course and back. We often pit two or more teams against each other to add a little competition, as if trying to stay dry isn’t challenge enough.


Situated on the Cushendall road (A2) halfway between Cushendun and Ballycastle.

Journey from Cushendall
On your way from Cushendall, simply follow the Cushendall Road (A2) up over the moor and past the vanishing lake of Loughareema. As you pass Ballypatrick forest we are on your right hand side as the forest ends. We are signposted 100m before the entrance.

Journey from Ballycastle
When coming from Ballycastle, turn left at the Margee bridge to join the Cushendall Road (A2). We are just over 5 miles from this point. Continue through the small village of Ballyvoy and follow the road as he rises up into the hills of Carey. We are just on the left before Ballypatrick forest, and have a sign 100m down the road.