Sheans Horse Farm


23 October 2017

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Sheans Horse Farm

At Sheans Horse Farm we have one of the most extensive off road horse riding and trekking centers in Ireland, located on the North Coast. As you follow farm tracks and ford streams on horseback, riding through beautiful countryside up into the stunning North Antrim hills, you’ll be treated to panoramic views over five counties.

Sheans Horse Farm has become established as one of the top HORSE RIDING AND TREKKING centres in Ireland suitable for all level of riding, regardless of age and ability, come and have an unforgettable and exhilarating experience with us. Let us build up your confidence and leave you on a high – looking forward to your return visit. We place great emphasis on individual customer care to ensure your enjoyment and satisfaction.

Activities at Sheans Horse Farm

 A 15 stone (95kg) weight limit applies to all riders at Sheans Horse Farm

Opening Times

From September to June, Sheans Horse Farm is open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
A member of staff is on standby to cover riding on alternative days (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday), however there is an additional charge for this service of £20 per booking. This is because staff have to come in on their day off to take in, prepare the horses and take out the ride.

From 1st July to 31st August, Sheans Horse Farm is open seven days a week.


TREKKING AT Sheans is for novice riders and beginners, all treks involve getting mounted up, being given instruction in a small enclosed arena before going out on an escorted walking trek. All treks consist of walking out on the tracks, ( trotting is only done outdoors on hacks) On returning to the centre we find that riders balance and confidence has improved and we will take you into the indoor arena, and teach you how to trot. (for those that want to) Riders enjoy the challenge of learning the basics of trotting which is very carefully supervised.


The various levels of hacking are based on an assessment of riders ability. For the more experienced riders, trotting cantering and galloping with off–trail climbing can be incorporated into the ride where suitable. At Sheans we put a great emphasis on matching people with suitable horses and grouping riders together of similar level of ability so that everyone rides at their own level and gets as much enjoyment out of the hack as possible.

Rates: One hour hack £23 – and a 90 minute hack £30 per person.

Cross Country

Available only for experienced riders, this is a utopia for horse riding enthusiasts. Our cross country riding sessions begin with an assessment ride at the farm before getting down to business, exploring the variety of exhilarating jumps dotted around our dedicated cross country area. This will be followed by an invigorating hack around the varied and challenging terrains of the 280 acre home farm.

Group Rates: 1 hour £35 – 2 hours £60

Private Rates: 1 hour £45 – 2 hours £80

Coastal Horse Riding

For those intrepid horse riders who wish to immerse themselves in a horse riding experience that incorporates the iconic scenery and beauty long associated with Ireland’s rugged North Coast, our partners at Bespoke Equestrian Ireland are here to oblige.

Prices start from £125 for our Taste of the North Coast ride, based on a minimum of 2 persons (£160 for a single rider).